The Lending Therapist

Why Lending Therapy

Why Lending Therapy

In this era dominated by disruptors and fintech innovations, the lending landscape has undergone constant changes, presenting a multitude of online lending options. While the DIY path may appeal to some, the reality often unfolds as intricate, confusing, and time-consuming. That’s where I, Leath, step in at The Lending Therapist.

More than a mere provider of lending solutions, I embody a unique fusion of financial expertise and a therapeutic culture that emphasizes attentive care. I understand the significance of unravelling how various aspects of daily life can impact borrowing options. Lending therapy, at its core, simplifies complexities and goes beyond offering solutions — it prioritizes education and maintains open lines of communication.

This distinctive blend of lending solutions and a caring, listening culture defines our approach. Clients appreciate the integral role that education and regular communication play in their lending therapy journey, making The Lending Therapist a trusted partner in navigating and achieving their financial goals.

The Pathway

Step 1

Discovery meeting to "Welcome Chat"

this is a 10-min zoom call where I'll get the overview of your goals and dreams. will give me opportunity to see if & how I maybe able to help you. (at my cost)

Step 2

Research & Strategy

This is where I gather all required information, understand you from a lending point of view, research your potential options including lender policy review and liaising with key partners on any potential roadblocks.

Step 3

Loan Lodge & Approval

Once you're in a position to lodge an application, I'll prepare the top lenders for you / finalise and lodge your application and push it through to approval - then show you the money! (lender pays)

My clients enjoy free membership, would you like to benefit from the LTRP?